UPS, we did it AGAIN

Ha! Who needs a GPS on a road trip in California?? Not us! Yes, we admit, we did it AGAIN. This time we actually had a GPS, but we forgot to take it with us…

Apparently we love excitement and adventure, like we didn’t have it enough already! But there is always room for more!

We planned a mini road trip to celebrate the end of the first school year! On the way to San Diego we went to visit a Yoga School in Encinitas as Tea is interested in their Yoga Therapy program. Afterwards we had a lovely lunch in Lotus Cafe with some organic food and drinks, and we got also a recommendation to visit the nearest Self Realization Fellowship Center & Meditation Garden, which was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920. When we asked directions, a lady told us that it  was impossible to miss… Well, it wasn’t… We drove by those big white/blue/golden towers all the way to Solana Beach until we got a feeling that we had missed something… However on our way back the views were stunning, so it was a trip worthwhile!

Finally we found the meditation garden and it was a true gem. The security guard came to warn us that Charlie is around but we don’t need to get scared. Charlie happened to be a harmless garden snake, but luckily we didn’t meet him this time.

Once we felt very Zen, we continued our journey. The visit to San Diego was very brief, so we got to go back. Though we had time for twisted farm food in Hash House A Go Go. A huge plate of vanilla waffles with strawberry jam was a fantastic way to start the morning and we thought that we drive back to LA in no time.

But we are writing this blog in a traffic back to LA, the car pool lane is moving slow but steadily a walking speed. Now we know why the say 405 to be the biggest “parking lot” in LA. However, like always, we are enjoying our lives and having fun! After long sitting in the car Tea wanted to stretch her feet, and Katja suggested to have a walk alongside the car; that is how slow the traffic was moving…. Well, slowly but surely we got back after 4 hours drive, just on time for our magical Full Moon Gathering.

TeaJo & Katja


Run for the Future of the World

Today Spirit of Northern Lights run for the Future of the World on the Venice Beach, California. This global event was initiated by Katja’s Teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and made with the blessing of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It was dedicated to the long life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and to the health and happiness of all sentient beings.

Today we learned how to run ‘Gang Gyok’ style, which is an ancient practice of Tibetan yogic running techniques. It is a powerful method for running and walking with endless energy and vitality. It was amazing! We felt how our energy levels rose and yet our mind got calmer. As we showed our speed to sprint, we almost got hired as life guards… But we prefer to continue run to rescue as life coaches and bring even more love & light into this world.

Hugs from California,

Katja & TeaJo

Run for the Future of the World

Inner Child Yoga & Energy Healing Circle

Spirit of Northern Lights have created something very special – TeaJo & I combine our special talents and proudly present our Inner Child Yoga & Energy Healing Circle Event.

Inner Child Yoga is a combination of Hatha/Vinyasa and it’s aim is the realization of the potential within the human being. An ancient wisdom brings the awareness to every level: physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic through the power of inhaling and exhaling.

In the end of our session we will create an Energy Healing Circle. It helps promote our personal inner balance, improve healing and support a positive outlook in life. It strengthens your Universal life force energy.

Hope you will join us!

Spirit of Northern Lights Poster II (1)

Survival of Humanity

Today Spirit of Northern Lights attended to Survival of Humanity 2015 Alchemy Event. This event was about consciousness, science, health, spirituality, meditation, lectures, panels, workshops, exhibits & music. We volunteered to help out in the reception and enjoyed the diversity of speakers.

Spirit of Northern Lights

Magician in Practice

I have always watched various magicians in the action with amaze and gratitude. I observed how they checked the recipe and made the secret mix accordingly; Zim Zala Bim! The magic happened.

First magician that I got to know was my loving mother, but she spoiled me and I never needed to figure out how to make the magic happen myself. At school they tried to teach me, they even had classes for this particular subject. One of the first tricks they taught me included pouring half a little of cow’s blood into a plastic bowl and then adding various other ingredients until the mixture was thick red paste. The outcome was a pile of blood pancakes and the teacher made me taste them. I had eaten those before as it’s quite traditional Finnish dish. But now I knew how the magic was made, I felt sick. The days when I could eat those blood pancakes were over. This was definitely one of the first pushes to become a vegetarian…

Once I moved on my own, I found the ready-made magic shelves at supermarket and a magical white box that said “Bing” when magic had happened… But now I’m determined to learn all kinds of magic tricks that don’t include animals. I have even bought a magic book for beginners and promised myself to keep on practicing. My first attempts have brought some results that I have dared to share. It was fun to see how two of my friends had exactly the same reaction. First they took a hesitant bite. Next moment their facial expressions transmitted a great confusion and they asked me, “You made this? But you said that you can’t cook and this is actually good!” I managed to positively surprise them with my high protein veggie lasagna.

Never say never, maybe one day I become a great magician in the kitchen!

With Love & Light,

On the path of Love

I had a very different Valentin’s Day this year. It is the Lover’s day of the year, and I was so lucky to have my own Valentine. The question “Do you want to be my Valentine?” seemed somehow overrated and even funny into my ears, but hey, here I am and definitely going with the flow!

In Finland the tradition is more known between friends “Hyvaa Ystavanpaivaa” literally means “Happy Friendship Day”. People also tend to give cards to each other, or remember a good friend with a little, symbolic gift. However it is also celebrated between lovers, and roses or chocolate hearts are given to your loved one; or almost anything made with the form of a heart, is considered to be a very evaluated, romantic gift.

This day was even more special to me as it was the first day after a month I could basically eat anything I wanted; it was the first day as a new me, after one month of a cleanse.

My body, and my whole essence, could not be more grateful to me by the choices I have made. One month has passed with no salt, no sugar or bad fat. Only eating organic, healthy, clear food, with no preservatives or anything artificial. Internally it has been a month with a lot of emotional clearing, getting lost with myself and finding myself again; at the same time testing my own limits and boundaries, but still climbing on top of the mountain one step at a time, one experience richer and more wiser than ever before. I can honestly say that I feel like a teenager again, radiating vitality and well being. I can feel the change in every cell of my body.

All this has made me think my whole life as a person, being a soul seeking its truth.
I have noticed how hard it has been for me to really open up my heart. Deep inside I have been scared, scared of being in love. In order to protect myself it is so easy to close the gates of love when it hurts, and continue living your life according to the same beliefs and repetitive patterns you have always done. That would be the easy way out; but this time I chose otherwise. I want to be open again, I want to feel the love again, deep down inside. I am a loving soul desperately seeking its freedom. I reminded myself that I always have the choice between fear or love, and I chose love.

Happy one year birthday to Holistic Healing Heart, TeaJo! I am so proud of me, and my accomplishments so far. This is going to be another amazing year to come.

As Rumi, the ancient Persian poet from 13th century, very wisely said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

On the path of Love,



Single Girl’s Valentine

There wasn’t any roses, nor Valentine’s Day cards or boxes of chocolate on my door step this morning. I could have boohooed home all day but instead I chose to say YES to Love anyway!

My alarm woke me up at 7am. As usual I started my day with 15 minutes meditation before rushing out as my friend came to pick me up for a hike. We headed to Westridge Trail on Santa Monica Mountains. There were 5 of us and 8 dogs. We started early as it was going to be a hot & sunny day. I was happy to be part of this group and I got a chance to walk one of the dogs. I felt Love towards my new furry friend. My heart was filled with gratitude when I walked in the midst of nature. I’m still amazed about the weather here; today it was around +30C and I loved it! The evening brought a pleasant surprise as a new friend invited me to an ice-hockey match! VIP lounge entrance and seats on a row 6 to watch a NHL game; LA Kings vs Washington Capitals. I loved it. LA Kings won and I had fantastic time!

Thank you, Universe! I had a great Valentine’s Day! I LOVE my Life!
LoveIsInTheAirWe are all Kings!





With Love & Light,