About us

Spirit of Northern Lights follows the life of two Finnish Life Coaches, Katja and TeaJo, in California. They study Spiritual Psychology in Santa Monica University, starting in October 2014.

Through our posts you can follow how two different personalities combine their daily routines and new culture into a great adventure.

TeaJo Flower Power Hippy HealerTeaJo is a Flower Power, a hippie healer, who wants to find the connection with her higher self by meditating, practicing yoga and singing mantras. She wants to emphasize how important it is to find one’s inner connection, our Inner Child, and love oneself unconditionally.

Katja Rusanen Spiritual Warrior PrincessKatja is a Spiritual Warrior Princess who wants to know more about soul’s plan and understand human mind. She wants to help people to recover from traumatic experiences through spirituality. Katja is lighting the way to a soulful life where love, joy and happiness are part of your everyday life.

We have a dream! We are the trailblazers of a spirituality.