UPS, we did it AGAIN

Ha! Who needs a GPS on a road trip in California?? Not us! Yes, we admit, we did it AGAIN. This time we actually had a GPS, but we forgot to take it with us…

Apparently we love excitement and adventure, like we didn’t have it enough already! But there is always room for more!

We planned a mini road trip to celebrate the end of the first school year! On the way to San Diego we went to visit a Yoga School in Encinitas as Tea is interested in their Yoga Therapy program. Afterwards we had a lovely lunch in Lotus Cafe with some organic food and drinks, and we got also a recommendation to visit the nearest Self Realization Fellowship Center & Meditation Garden, which was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920. When we asked directions, a lady told us that it  was impossible to miss… Well, it wasn’t… We drove by those big white/blue/golden towers all the way to Solana Beach until we got a feeling that we had missed something… However on our way back the views were stunning, so it was a trip worthwhile!

Finally we found the meditation garden and it was a true gem. The security guard came to warn us that Charlie is around but we don’t need to get scared. Charlie happened to be a harmless garden snake, but luckily we didn’t meet him this time.

Once we felt very Zen, we continued our journey. The visit to San Diego was very brief, so we got to go back. Though we had time for twisted farm food in Hash House A Go Go. A huge plate of vanilla waffles with strawberry jam was a fantastic way to start the morning and we thought that we drive back to LA in no time.

But we are writing this blog in a traffic back to LA, the car pool lane is moving slow but steadily a walking speed. Now we know why the say 405 to be the biggest “parking lot” in LA. However, like always, we are enjoying our lives and having fun! After long sitting in the car Tea wanted to stretch her feet, and Katja suggested to have a walk alongside the car; that is how slow the traffic was moving…. Well, slowly but surely we got back after 4 hours drive, just on time for our magical Full Moon Gathering.

TeaJo & Katja


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