Magician in Practice

I have always watched various magicians in the action with amaze and gratitude. I observed how they checked the recipe and made the secret mix accordingly; Zim Zala Bim! The magic happened.

First magician that I got to know was my loving mother, but she spoiled me and I never needed to figure out how to make the magic happen myself. At school they tried to teach me, they even had classes for this particular subject. One of the first tricks they taught me included pouring half a little of cow’s blood into a plastic bowl and then adding various other ingredients until the mixture was thick red paste. The outcome was a pile of blood pancakes and the teacher made me taste them. I had eaten those before as it’s quite traditional Finnish dish. But now I knew how the magic was made, I felt sick. The days when I could eat those blood pancakes were over. This was definitely one of the first pushes to become a vegetarian…

Once I moved on my own, I found the ready-made magic shelves at supermarket and a magical white box that said “Bing” when magic had happened… But now I’m determined to learn all kinds of magic tricks that don’t include animals. I have even bought a magic book for beginners and promised myself to keep on practicing. My first attempts have brought some results that I have dared to share. It was fun to see how two of my friends had exactly the same reaction. First they took a hesitant bite. Next moment their facial expressions transmitted a great confusion and they asked me, “You made this? But you said that you can’t cook and this is actually good!” I managed to positively surprise them with my high protein veggie lasagna.

Never say never, maybe one day I become a great magician in the kitchen!

With Love & Light,


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