On the path of Love

I had a very different Valentin’s Day this year. It is the Lover’s day of the year, and I was so lucky to have my own Valentine. The question “Do you want to be my Valentine?” seemed somehow overrated and even funny into my ears, but hey, here I am and definitely going with the flow!

In Finland the tradition is more known between friends “Hyvaa Ystavanpaivaa” literally means “Happy Friendship Day”. People also tend to give cards to each other, or remember a good friend with a little, symbolic gift. However it is also celebrated between lovers, and roses or chocolate hearts are given to your loved one; or almost anything made with the form of a heart, is considered to be a very evaluated, romantic gift.

This day was even more special to me as it was the first day after a month I could basically eat anything I wanted; it was the first day as a new me, after one month of a cleanse.

My body, and my whole essence, could not be more grateful to me by the choices I have made. One month has passed with no salt, no sugar or bad fat. Only eating organic, healthy, clear food, with no preservatives or anything artificial. Internally it has been a month with a lot of emotional clearing, getting lost with myself and finding myself again; at the same time testing my own limits and boundaries, but still climbing on top of the mountain one step at a time, one experience richer and more wiser than ever before. I can honestly say that I feel like a teenager again, radiating vitality and well being. I can feel the change in every cell of my body.

All this has made me think my whole life as a person, being a soul seeking its truth.
I have noticed how hard it has been for me to really open up my heart. Deep inside I have been scared, scared of being in love. In order to protect myself it is so easy to close the gates of love when it hurts, and continue living your life according to the same beliefs and repetitive patterns you have always done. That would be the easy way out; but this time I chose otherwise. I want to be open again, I want to feel the love again, deep down inside. I am a loving soul desperately seeking its freedom. I reminded myself that I always have the choice between fear or love, and I chose love.

Happy one year birthday to Holistic Healing Heart, TeaJo! I am so proud of me, and my accomplishments so far. This is going to be another amazing year to come.

As Rumi, the ancient Persian poet from 13th century, very wisely said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

On the path of Love,




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