Who am I?

Who am I?I believe that is a question many of us have placed in front of ourselves many times during our lives. Including me.

I know my name is Tea, I was born and raised in Finland, umm couple of years ago. I know I have a blondish hair, sometimes it can be even dark brown, orange, very blond and in the future maybe even pink, I have blue/green eyes and I am pretty (at least I consider myself that way). Those are the visible qualities that one can easily see. However there is so much more than that. I have also the unseen side, which includes my inner beliefs, values, expectations, and my thoughts, and based on all these factors I tend to do my decisions in life. Not to forget about my heart and intuition, which I had learned to listen a lot more as ‘an adult”, however I will always be a child at heart.

When I was younger I came across to the fact that many of decisions I had done were based on cultural expectations, other people’s beliefs and values, and that this was not the correct way to bring me the needed happiness and well being. I struggled many years around questions “who am I”, “what do I really want”, and “what is the life purpose”. Nevertheless all this time I was assured that there has to be more than this.

When we are young we tend to go more with the flow, it is a time most of us are still searching for ourselves and we are more dependent on other people’s opinions and reactions towards ourselves; all this is affecting consciously or unconsciously to the quality of our decisions. The quality of our decisions I mean the struggle to separate our real wants and needs those around us.

Life seems like a carousel of infinite possibilities; only I seem to be the only one for not knowing exactly what to want from life, and which direction would be the best option for me to go.

Well many times I didn’t. I realized this afterwards when my true inner compass, heart, was pulling me to go to the opposite direction. Sometimes making a U-turn wasn’t easy but luckily enough I have had more days in my life to try again. Little by little I have been able to direct myself to the direction of my true desires. It is the direction where my heart wants me to go.

It has not necessarily been an easy road, but that’s why we are here for, to find our deepest calling in life, our life purpose, and our true happiness.

In the coming blog posts I will tackle even more the word “happiness”, and how it would be possible for you to find that little inner compass and sparkle within you and follow your heart and dreams.

“Dreams, the harder it seems; you know that is the direction you have to go.” -Unknown

Life is a journey, just take the first step, and remember the place we are at the moment is the place we are meant to be in this very moment. Just take a deep breath, and relax.

Much Love and Light in our days X



6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey Tea,
    I enjoyed your words. However I will start by saying fewer people than you think know which direction they want to go in. Like you said, people style themselves “based on cultural expectations ‘and’ other people’s beliefs and values.” I honestly see people forming a “Character” maybe stolen from someone else they respect, a Character from a book or a movie and trying to be as much like them as possible. Something I consider as lying to one’s self.
    I have discovered over the last few years the only way I am going to work out what I truly want, is to distance myself from my peers, culture and everything I’m used to. Go into the world, get out of my comfort zone and live life. I have always found it easier to be myself, when I’m with completely new people, and they don’t have prejudices about me they’ve had a chance to build over time.
    From my experience I have discovered that most people like the routine and rituals of life, and I mean both physically and emotionally. I also honestly believe that most people are not happy with their lives, which is why “consumerism” was born (retail therapy). When you are young you are full of hopes and aspirations, but as you get older you start to do the “normal” thing. I think a little of it is about fitting in too, people like to be acknowledged.
    But I’m like you. I want to know the true me. I’m honest with myself and I do the things I want to do, not what people expect me to do. Sometimes I do wish I was like my peers (everyone likes to fit in), but then I remind myself, I’m much happier being myself and I would rather be different than the same as everyone else. There are too many people in this world who are the same.
    I have a few phrases I try to live my life by, but I will quote my most used one. It was said by Burt Reynolds in a movie (not a great movie):
    “You can earn money and spend it all but that’s OK, because you can always earn more. But don’t waste your time, as once it’s gone, it’s gone.”
    With love


    • Hi Laurence,
      Thank you so much for your words, I really did enjoy reading your thoughts and feelings about life and who we really are; or as you mentioned, how we easily identify ourselves by creating different “roles and characters”. In that way it is definitely easier to fit in, I was doing that a lot when I was a child, as many of us for sure. Sometimes it might feel that facing the truth and your true inner self is hard and painful, but that is mainly because of society’s rules and expectations. It is good to remember that even though how we would be trying to convince our heads something that our heart know is a lie, it will be a rocky road.
      Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts once again, I loved reading it.
      Have a lovely day and always shine your light
      Much love xx


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