The beauty of Letting Go

Just let go of the fact of being Perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. Let go of the fact that there should be a correct way of doing things, there isn´t. Just do things in a way it comes more naturally to you, in a way that you enjoy more doing it. There is no right or wrong, just your way of doing things.

Let go of fear, set yourself free. Let go of all the judgments that are holding you as a hostage. Let go of dishonesty. Believe in people, believe in Yourself. Believe in your dreams, your dreams can fly as high as you believe those can fly.

In order to fly, let go of everything that is holding you back, or weights you down.

The only person who can really change these misbeliefs about yourself is you, no one else. Many people can show you the way, but you have the choice to take a step forward and enter through the door. You have the keys into your locks, You have the power, You are the answer. You are your own transformation.

You are the most beautiful human being.


Namaste xx


Anything can happen, anything can be_Spirit of Northern Lights


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