Lost Puppies Looking for Home

Our journey in California started in Mission Viejo, where we rented two rooms in a lovely house in the suburbs. During the first week our jet lag brought many funny moments, especially with the kitchen equipment as their various buttons seemed overwhelming for us. On first Sunday our landlords made us pancakes and strong coffee; things started looking a lot clearer already. Every morning we admired the Saddleback Mountain from our backyard and got ready for another day in paradise. Our landlords were a friendly Finnish couple, who also got a taste of our spiritual path. As a return, they showed us their super sporty lifestyle, and it inspired me to hit the gym again with new energy while TeaJo practiced yoga.

View from our backyard in Mission Viejo - Saddleback Mountain
Living in suburbs without car was quite challenging. We needed to count on kindness of our landlords and our new friends to get somewhere, but we did also find a bus system. It does exist, I’m not kidding! However there was  only one bus in every 40 minutes. Hence we had to forget the destinations which would have required us to change a bus as even a seemly short distance in a map could take a couple of hours.

Now we are house & cat sitting in Venice Beach. Our current place has a summer cottage vibes due to the rustic furniture and lovely garden. In the garden you can find a water fountain, roses and nice little chairs and a table. Everything is very cozy! It’s even hard to think that we are in L.A. Once you leave the house and go along the streets, it is not that far to find the never-ending traffic. We certainly are much closer to everything, now we can walk to the beach to admire the sunset.

2014-11-06 09.21.18-2

On 16th we move to Sherman Oaks. We are looking forward to share a peaceful home with an USM graduate and his dog. It will be great to explore new burbs while we keep manifesting our own beautiful and affordable place in Santa Monica.

With Love & Light,


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