Tea Time

What happens when two people who have a different understanding of time concept are living under the same roof? Just like there is no common sense there is also no common sense of time. We have been trained to measure time with our watches and clocks, but the sense of time simply varies from person to person.

I have been trained in discipline in this lifetime and others. For me it’s relatively easy to follow a schedule and stick with rules, even though I do have a little rebel inside me too but we get into that another time… I must admit that I hate waiting! They say that it’s a pretty Nordic thing to feel like that, so I might not be the only one. I get inpatient when things are not moving forward and especially if I need to queue… I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love to be a VIP.  Anything that makes me feel that I’m wasting my time starts heating my engine as I have a strong inner push to accomplish a lot of things in this life.

When I met Tea, I quickly found out that there is something that I like to refer as a “Tea Time”. One of the first times we met, she meant to come by my place in the evening to pick up her copy of “Soul Plan – Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose” by Blue Marsden. I waited and waited.  Then she called and said that she is on her way and to facilitate her route, we agreed to meet up in the corner of two big streets near a local shopping center. I ended up waiting there for a very long time (okay, maybe it was just 25 minutes! Tea´s comment: It was not longer than 15 minutes!) It was around midnight and I felt like I was a “Spiritual Dealer” waiting for my client to give her a fix to help her awaken…

When she finally arrived with her scooter, I also found out that this brilliantly sunny person has an amazing capacity to explore neighborhoods by selecting alternative routes. I have joined her on this hobby here in California. It would be incredibly funny to see our driving routes afterwards. Just a tip: if you come here, get a GPS or if you’re planning to use a map application on your phone, ensure that you have a charger with you! Or otherwise you might end up exploring the hoods like we did when the freeway 405 was closed one night and the de-tour signs were not visible to us.

Now we have started our journey here, we are adjusting each other’s way to sense time and plan the day. We are both learning to smoothly move forward in our own rhythm and on our own pace. There is no need to change, there is only a need to accept, understand and learn. The only time we have is now and as Zall’s Second Law states “How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.” 😉

With Love & Light,

Katja & TeaJo - Spirit of Northern Lights
Photo Credits; Anne Sinivaara


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