Learning to Love

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” –Victor Hugo

The first study weekend stirred emotions and brought up some strong feelings and thoughts. As you might have already figured out, we are pretty different even though we are the same deep down. We have our unique ways to observe the world, and thus our perceptions make the reality that we experience totally different.

Katja’s experience:
“Diddy sings “I’m coming home” and that’s how I felt when I opened the glass door to the University of Santa Monica. After the first amazing study weekend I know that I’m in the right place. I felt so grateful that I had the courage to follow my intuition and apply for the Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology. This is the place where I can wash away the pain of yesterday and learn to live a soul-centered life. When I felt the love and light around me, my eyes got teary. I have found a gateway to love, joy, compassion, acceptance and peace. I’m home!”

TeaJo’s experience:
“Wow. They are all wearing ties and fancy clothes; luckily I also prepared myself with some high heels and skirt… I was not exactly sure what to expect when entering into the hallway of the school. There were no yoga mats, and the whole set up was so different, especially in terms of meditation purposes, that I have been used to. But here I am, and I am sure of that I am more than ready for the journey!

The atmosphere was full of love and understanding hence I started to see beyond the surface. I know I am here where I am meant to be in this very moment. You can see this as a beginning point for being and respecting the Soul that I am, becoming my authentic self. I am here to learn, learning to love, and this Master will definitely give me the keys I need in order to go forward and be fully the person that I truly am. I want to quote the President of the University of Santa Monica, Dr. H. Ron Hulnick: “We are kids learning how to love. Would you ever judge a kid learning how to walk?”

I am grateful to share this beautiful journey with a like-minded soul.”



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