Challenge Yourself!

When I turned 18, I got my driver’s licence. I enjoyed driving as it gave me a feeling of freedom until something happened that made me fear driving.

On sunny afternoon years ago I drove towards my parent’s house on a highway. Mr Kippe, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, sat calmly on the back seat. I saw how a car came to crossroads far ahead stopping behind a STOP sign, but suddenly continuing its way. I hit the break. The seconds extended their length. The laws of physics made my car move forward, despite my desperate attempt to make it stop. It was inevitable that I was going to crash. Luckily I managed to steer my car a bit so that no one got harmed.

After the crash my first thought was my dog; it was a great relief when I saw that he was okay. I got out from the crashed car and my wobbly legs hardly carried me. At the same time the other driver came out and kept apologizing for not seeing me. Luckily the angels were with us; there were only material damages.

After that accident I could feel my pulse rising when I even thought about driving. I started to develop excuses not to drive. If there was another driver, I always let them take the driver’s seat. Driving, something I had enjoyed before have become scary. I had let my mind create myself a comfort zone and thus avoid driving a car. For years I let the fear rule and limit my life!

When we rented a car from Los Angeles, I almost went for the easy option, but destiny had chosen differently. As TeaJo wasn’t used to drive an automatic gear, I had to face a challenge to drive through Los Angeles. After a moment of nervous hesitation, I took a deep breath in and said YES to the challenge. A part of me truly wanted to do this as I knew that if I can drive here, I can drive anywhere! We did team work and managed to find our way despite heavy jet lag.  What an experience it was to face my fear! I was nervous but I drove one of the hundreds of cars on the multiple lane freeway, we were going with the flow of the constant heavy traffic.

I challenged myself, and I’m so happy that I did. Don’t let your past to define you! It’s a new day and you can choose to change!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. -Neale Donald Walsch


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