Hello Los Angeles!

Our adventure has begun! After a loooong flight we arrived safely to the city of Angels.

The United States welcomed us differently when we went through the customs; Katja got a friendly older man who was very kind while TeaJo got several strict questions. Maybe the hippie quota was full for the day…

We had an epic car rental experience! It should be simple: just go to the selected section and pick a car as all cars have keys inside. Based on the car color we loaded all our luggage to one car. But after TeaJo’s test drive on the parking lot, we decided to change it because the seats were too low…  Our second choice was a black Dodge, which had better seats but it had missed a wash (which didn’t notice until next day because it was already so dark!) This time we both did a test ride before loading the car, you see, we learn from the experience.

Katja got a big challenge to drive from the airport through LA heavy traffic. Luckily she had practiced a bit in her hometown Joensuu (approx. 75 000 inhabitants) in August, because her previous driving experience was 10 years ago. Driving with automatic gear is a relief for some, and for some not…

We are happy and well, recovering from jet lag but already exploring our new neighborhood. More news to come soon!

Los Angles Day 1







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