The world full of material things

At the moment I am moving to another country which make me think materialism and the society that we are living in. The material things I am able to take with me across the borders is limited.

Materialism, what is it? What does it mean to you and how does it affect into our lives every day, consciously or unconsciously? In the end, is it something positive or negative as it seems to cause us suffering. It is something we are not able to take with us when our physical body is no longer here.

We receive a material thing from our loved one, and in that very moment we create a powerful emotional bond to it. This material thing reminds us from that person. There are many items, objects and articles, and even gifts, that we will always remember. And the ones that we are looking back wistfully when the time is right. There is a lot of longing bond to that safe and familiar feeling. The feeling of love. We are not ready to let go, and only later on we might realize that we were the ones suffering from it.

However there are many different ways to show, and feel, love. Intertwining to many different layers. Love is diverse, it is eternal. It will never fade away. Only we can decide ourselves, how to channel our love. And to be truthful to it. To be truthful to ourselves.

The memories will always remain, and form part of our Inner self. Let’s love ourselves and others. Let’s love everything and every living being unconditionally. We have deserved it.

To all beautiful and unique people in the world.

With love,


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