If I Love Me

Recently I got an email from The Ford Institute that encouraged to “Take On CELEBRATING YOURSELF!” In the past I felt that there was nothing in me to celebrate – I run away from my birthdays… I hated getting older until I saw this quote; “Do not regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.” –Anonymous

Sometimes we might take our life for granted, we live like we are here forever. Maybe we moan about our life, our age, our wrinkles… We don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. We might even sabotage our own life; at least I did for years as I didn’t really love myself.

During many years my story held me captured in the darkness. Big thanks belongs to Debbie Ford’s amazing work that I realized that I have been the one causing my own suffering during all these years by holding on to the past and sabotaging my life. Then I realized I had a choice to make; I could stay as a prisoner of my story with its limitations or move forward with my life. I chose to move on.

Slowly I let the past be past and started finding acceptance, forgiveness, inner peace and love. I found my way out of the darkness; I found my way through the pain. Now I light the path to others through my Spiritual Life Coaching as I now know the way – I have learnt to love myself and my life again.

Today I won’t escape from celebrating my birthday; I will celebrate my journey which has made me a Spiritual Warrior. As you might already know, I have expressed my feelings through my novels. Today I will celebrate the launch of my third novel ‘If I Love Me’, and as always, writing this novel has been another wonderful journey.

Let’s be grateful for every moment! Let’s celebrate life today and every day for the rest of our lives!

With Love & Light,
If I Love Me by Katja Rusanen


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