Becoming the best version of me

Always start inside. Reflect the world from inside out, get to know yourself first, love yourself first. Love yourself unconditionally. Express yourself and learn to love even the minor little detail in you that you don’t necessarily appreciate that much. Those little “flaws” are there for some reason, only to let it be discovered by a bigger purpose. Sometimes it is not easy to separate your own feelings and needs from those around you; which are the expectations from the outer world. I never want to grow literally “old” if it means giving up from being crazy, silly and funny me; I always want to keep an open mind and playfulness in what ever I do.

Learn to let go. You will never need all that you have, concentrate on the most important, concentrate on your values. Know your needs, know your desires, know your dreams. Concentrate on both physical and mental.

TeaJo in FinlandThe explorer who I am storing things have never fitted that well with my true nature and personality – if I might need it some day for real.

Value yourself just as you are and shine Your Light.

As wise Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”



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