Friday 29th August was the end of an era. It was my last day at HP. A job position that gave me a fixed salary in the end of each month, daily tasks and routines, but above all, amazing people to work with. Each and every weekday, Monday till Friday. The office hours have been fulfilled in different administrative job positions for over 7 years in Barcelona, and another 7 in Finland. Now all that have changed. It is a roller coaster of all mixed feelings; freedom and relief, feeling lost and excited, but in the end having the feeling of overwhelm and power; I have more time, and more space to see where my life is going, and with what I will be filling my life with in these next two coming years in LA.

What does the word freedom mean to you? Does it mean freedom from hate, obstacles, illness? Freedom to choose, to love, to be the real You… Freedom to go after your dreams? For me it means all of the mentioned above, and even much more, but in a deeper level.

When we are talking about change, there are always many emotions related to the fact that something that you have felt secure, and safe, is changing. You are giving a chance to the unknown. It might frighten you, but if deep down you feel some kind of relief and positive emotions arise when you are thinking about your future, you did the right choice. You did a choice based on your heart’s desires, and who you truly are as a person. You gave yourself a chance to be the real You.

Below you will find my poem inspired by this change.

Closing Circles

It is time to live, and time to let go. Time to dream, and time to heal.

It is time to give space for something new, something that fills your heart with joy, and sets your spirit free. Something that makes you feel more alive than ever, causing your soul to dance inside your body.

There is no beginning or the end; the world is vast and offers you all the riches your heart may desire the most. Your heart knows. You have all that you need within you.

Here´s to life, here´s to YOU!



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