Spirit of Northern Lights follows the life of two Finnish Life Coaches, Katja and TeaJo, in California. They study Spiritual Psychology in Santa Monica University, starting in October 2014.

The focus of the studies is to explore life and spirituality, find a deeper understanding of the soul concept and our own life lessons. This is a self-discovery journey into our soul and we will be facing all of this through our own deepest emotions and experiences in the city of celebrities and luxury lifestyle.

We will be breaking taboos and cultural restrictions by focusing on exploring soulful life and spirituality, as well as Universal love and past lives. We want to raise people’s awareness and open up people’s eyes to see spirituality from a new perspective by sharing how it has helped us to go through our own rough experiences.

Furthermore we will open discussion and hopefully it has a positive impact when dealing with personal issues. This is a wake-up call for the society to try a different spiritual life style, which is not a religion, but a lovely journey to inner peace and wellness. We have a dream! We are the trailblazers of spirituality.